Metro Southeast Library and Community Center

Description: The project consists of the repurposing of a vacant anchor tenant of the former Hickory Hollow mall. The facility contains a regional library of approximately 25,000 square feet and community center of approximately 30,000 square feet consisting of a gymnasium, indoor walking track, fitness center, movement studio, community meeting rooms, and a rooftop deck.

Structural System: The existing floor structure located at grade was a framed floor structure consisting of a concrete slab supported by steel joists and joist girders. The framing was originally designed for Live loads consistent with Retail spaces with a portion of the floor area designed for Stock room storage loads. The Stock room loads were adequate for the Live loads imposed by the Community Center, but not for the Live loads imposed by a Library space. Therefore, the space programming was laid out in an effort to reduce the amount of structural retrofit. The floor structure in the Library area was removed and replaced with composite slab and beam construction designed for the code-prescribed Library Live loads. Existing columns were strengthened in order to carry the additional loads. The Community Center is located in the former Stock room area such that the existing floor structure could remain. The roof structure was removed in order to accommodate the higher structure requirements and the column-free spaces in the gymnasium area. New longspan joists were constructed to span the gymnasium space and support the elevated walking track. Composite beam and slab framing at the main roof elevation was also added to support the rooftop deck and green roof spaces. Lateral load resistance is provided by a combination of new ordinary steel concentrically braced frames and existing concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls retrofitted as ordinary masonry shear walls.

Approximate Construction Cost: $19,000,000